Over 50 Testimonials that support Dan’s Track Record

“Dan has been a huge help to our business.  He has worked with us to define our business proposition so that we can understand why we are different from our competition and has given us a clear expression of that difference.  He was also the primary force behind crafting our website positioning and content as well as working on our matching exhibition materials.  Alongside these activities Dan provided practical advice and processes for use at exhibitions which enabled us to get the most from every event.  Finally, I must acknowledge the support Dan provides for our presentations.   His research, structuring and scripting, has been invaluable both for formal conference events and informal pitch presentations. He focuses the purpose of our presentations and this enables the delivery to be relaxed and confident.”
Graham Archer, MD, Archer-IP

“If you are looking to improve your presentation skills and gain the confidence to stand in front of an audience, Dan is definitely your man! I was fearful at the beginning of the course but really enjoyed it.  Dan guided us all through to present heartfelt presentations by the end of the day. His insights and tips are outstanding and we all benefited by learning from Dan’s extensive knowledge and experience.”
Ann English Design & Display Manager at Sheridan Design Ltd.

“Dan is absolutely brilliant at bringing out the best in people and helping them find their voice and confidence to deliver a truly persuasive presentation. I recently attended Dan’s Persuasive Presentation course and would highly recommend Dan to anyone who wants to give themselves or their employees some really valuable training and I think an essential life skill.”
Lisa Robbie, Producer | TV | Video | Live Events

“I recently used Dan to help me with some business coaching sessions.  I can whole heartedly say it was a pleasure and would have no problem recommending Dan – his skills are second to none and he always go the extra mile to help.  I would definitely use Dan again to help with business coaching and hope to do so at some point in the near future.”
Paul Bird, Information Security Manager, Sage UK & Ireland

“Dan helped to develop, edit and focus one of my first presentations in the early stages of my professional speaking career. His depth of understanding and encouragement in terms of for example voice projection, breathing, tone and pace gave me a really terrific start and a solid platform to move forwards.
His advice on positioning, language and speech construction was invaluable as were his hard-edged ‘battle conditions’ insights, in other words asking all those difficult questions in order to establish a customised and focused ‘weapons-grade’ presentation.Dan’s style is direct and to the point, extremely personable, always enthusiastic and utterly professional. I very much enjoyed working with him and would have no hesitation in recommending his services.”
Michael McGrath, Professional Keynote Speaker

“I found Dan to be an exceptional mentor. He gave me confidence, passion and made me feel at ease presenting to a large audience. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dan to anyone who undertakes presentations / holds any sort of formal communication. I will be using Dan’s work as a platform for any presentation that I undertake and always remember his principal lessons. He is a highly skilled communicator and a pleasure to work with. Dan is truly inspiring.”
Ian Holmes, Director, North Star Projects

“I had my presentation in rough draft and called Dan in to give it the once over. He transformed the content by developing themes, focusing key concepts and building a solid structure. He not only is an excellent editor he can create and adapt content that greatly enhances the end product.”
Paul Musgrave, Managing Director, Executive Care Group

“Dan is one of the most highly skilled presentation coaches I have had the pleasure to work with. His measured and detailed approach to extracting the very best from an individual and fine-tuning their delivery really is quite something to experience. Working with Dan you feel you are in very safe and credible hands and you just know the result will be outstanding!”
Lesley Everett, Professional Speaker and Executive Brand Coach, Walking TALL International Limited

“Dan has coached me in the past and written for me very recently. His presentation coaching gave me powerful processes and a fantastic approach that together have significantly increased my impact and effectiveness. His eye for detail in his writing produces finely tuned material that absolutely hits the mark. He delivers a remarkable blend of creativity and professionalism.”
Manoj Gupta, Development Manager, Linedata

“They say life comes down to just a few moments. In my professional life, being coached by Dan and Graham of Straight Talking was one of those moments; my ability to deliver compelling presentations was changed forever.”
Dick Holland, Senior Industry Software Consultant

“In a very limited timeframe, you made a hugely positive impact on the content of the speech and the way I delivered it. The integrity of my message was greatly enhanced by the way you focused and sharpened it to suit my audience.
David Sedgwick, Managing Partner, Clarke Willmott (Bristol)

“As the pressure piles on our employer engagement to increase sales in Apprenticeships during a challenging economic downturn and more and more competitors opening up their doors in our market, Dan was called in to help refine our “sales pitch”. Dan gave very focussed objective and challenging coaching on making our presentation output much better. Teaching us to save time in presentations, improving our clarity, and ensure we leave prospective clients with a call to action with NALS, Dan taught us so much on how to improve our own unique styles. Dan’s dynamic and engaging style meant that he learned about NALS and us very quickly, and gave us all some of the best learning we’ve had from a short course. Indeed one of the group commented that they “had never been on a course in their career where they felt they had both learned and improved so much in one day”. We all now feel more confident in message production, rapid content preparation, editing for impact and vocal projection and control. A great and very beneficial day Dan, that we have all described as “outstanding”…..thank you.”
Caroline Tulett, Performance Manager Operations and Business at Northumberland County Council Adult Learning Service

“During the period I worked with Dan he made a positive and lasting impression on me. He triggered an immediate paradigm shift, renewing my energy levels and harnessing the creativity I had but had failed to properly articulate. Great ideas are wasted unless they are seized upon and made a reality. Dan’s belief in that concept cuts through the lethargy so often found in companies overly focused on the numbers. A renewed and genuine interest in the customer will ultimately take care of everything if delivered with care and purpose. Dan was and is an effective facilitator in this endeavor.”
Jason Smith, Fleet Sales, Benfield Motors

“All of those who participated have told me how much they valued the time they severally spent with you developing their technique and content, I would like to endorse this.  It is nearly two years since you first began to assist us.  In that time we have taken material steps forward collectively in relation to our presentation skills and confidence.  All who have been through your hands (and I think it is now nearly all of us) have enjoyed and benefited from the experience.”
Andrew Corlett, Managing Partner, Cains (Isle of Man)

“The point of this letter is simple.  I would not be receiving such praise for my presentations if it was not for your superb coaching skills.  Very many thanks.”
David Doyle, Partner, Dickinson, Cruickshank & Co – Now Deemster (Isle of Man)

“Many thanks for your input in turning a team of tongue tied introverts into confident and accomplished presenters. the members of our team who have been subjected to the Straight Talking treatment have improved in confidence to a level where it is difficult to keep them quite.”
Ian D. Taylor, Director, ABN Amro

“The coaching was focused, intense and challenging; with brutally accurate but constructive feedback. It was exactly what we were looking for. Our work with you has hugely increased the effectiveness of our IFA presentations.”
Mike Wallis, Head of Business Development, Skandia Investment Management

“The work you have done on the structure, focus and delivery of our Fund Manager pitch presentations has been a fantastic success. To have achieved the win rate we have in just 3 months is totally astonishing, and it could not have been done without you”
Hugh Ferrand, Institutional Client Director, Invesco Perpetual

“As part of my job I present a lot to many different types of clients, and so I looked to the presentation skills course to help me develop the most effective presentation approach for my style. The course and the content was spot on, as it was not prescriptive to a single presentation formula; rather it focused on developing each person’s strengths, which I feel has allowed me to use the training in a practical sense.”
Nicolas Hamilton, Fund Manager, Invesco Perpetual

“You gave us considerable assistance on both the content and the presentation style, for which I am most grateful.  The content flowed well and gave the audience something to think about.  I consider that your input was invaluable.”
Michael D Figueiredo, Client Services Director, Abacus (Jersey)

“…our presentations were a fantastic success…we felt the coaching was of great benefit.”
George Clarke, Sales Director, Heidelberg.

“Never before have we been able to make such an impact on our audience. You fundamentally transformed what we said and the way that we said it. We look forward to continuing to work with you.”
Paul Willis, Director, Volkswagen Cars UK

“Developing the presentation skills of my team, who are from four countries and for many of whom English is a second language, would be challenging enough for most coaches. But given that they were all competent presenters before, I considered the challenge to be immense. Yet you rose to it and you got a result. On top of this, the work on the message itself was invaluable. We now have the skills to make the very best presentations with material that can have a real impact.
Alan Carpenter, Director, International Fleet Sales, Volvo Cars

“I cannot thank you both enough for what you have helped me achieve. ……….. I cannot remember ever sensing such tangible audience reaction to a pitch ……… I guess if you can get it to work on me you must really be magicians.”
Dick Holland, Software Development Director, Primark Datastream

“Each of the participants are particularly appreciative of the skill with which you were able to help them identify issues, address individual needs and instil confidence.”
Bob Taylor, IFA Manager, CGNU

“Working with you on the fundamental issues in our business helped us to clarify enormously the messages that we must convey.”
Tom Pallister, Director, Customer Service Division, Ford

“….. professional, diligent and creative. I found your training methods to be invaluable. ”
Marc Citron, CEO, First Telecom

“Thank you very much for your expert coaching. I found the coaching extremely useful and use the techniques whenever I do a presentation”
Claudine Blamey, Corporate Responsibility Executive, British Land

“We recently viewed a presentation by Dan and was pleasantly surprised by how relevant, enthusiastic and knowledgeable the content and delivery was. Having viewed many presentations on this particular topic, we found his style refreshing, professional and the content memorable. I most definitely recommend him to deliver professional coaching to other organisations looking to learn presentation tips and techniques.”
Neil Wood-Mitchell, Creative Director at Three Motion Media

“Dan has been a fantastic supporter of many Design Network North initiatives adding value, insight and true professionalism to many Business Bootcamps. His positivity and engaging approach to business coaching and mentoring has been outstanding and his involvement has truly inspired many newly established organisations who have taken part.
His focus on public speaking and communicating the business value proposition has given participants confidence and true inspiration to move their business forward. I would not hesitate to recommend Dan’s work and his persuasive and engaging manner of delivery.”
Janine Marshall, Enterprise and Education Manager at RTC North

“Dan Bond presents with passion, purpose and personality. Over the years I have worked with and seen many public speakers and I can say that Dan is unique, spontaneous and memorable. He delivers his thoughts and ideas in a relaxed style with a touch of humour that makes any occasion a success.
If you are looking to be educated and improve your presentation skills please book Dan.  If you are looking to be entertained please go and see him in action. Dan Bond does present but most importantly he also delivers!
Michael McMeekin, Arrow Sales, Helping companies find new customers to grow their business

“Dan delivered an excellent engaging session to our students several months ago. His fresh approach caught their attention and helped build on the work we are doing on their employability skills. I have recommended Dan to other colleagues”
Joan Johnston, Creative / Design Director at Johnstons Of Elgin

“Having both met and seen Dan present, his knowledge and insight into the world of presentations and public speaking is simply sublime….. He walks the walk and quite literally talks the talk… from branding and slides through to content and platform mechanics, he brings to the table a wealth of global experience to ensure your next presentation or speech delivers the right lines at the right time, in the right way….which will leave the audience shaken, and most certainly stirred into action.”
Geoff Ramm, Marketing & Customer Service Speaker & Author

“I attended a workshop which Dan was holding and it was fantastic, full of brilliant tips and strategies. Dan is a true professional and talks with complete authenticity if you want to improve your business then work with Dan.”
Geoff Nicholson, Speaker / Coach / Stress & Personal Performance Specialis

“Dan has come in to speak to our students at Northumbria University and coached them on professional presentation and pitching skills. His enthusiasm, passion and extensive experience in motivational speaking has given the students the skills and confidence to secure impressive opportunities and employment in the creative industries.”
Cat Glover, Senior Lecturer, Fashion Communication at Northumbria University

“Having met Dan at a ‘networking’ event, it was easy to see why his direct, upbeat approach has been a success over the years. Dan is able to provide a refreshing alternative perspective to corporate communications, and is a pleasure to work with.”
Jane Mason, Director at Beach Design

I’ve worked with Dan now for a number of months. We have built up a great relationship and he has supported me tremendously. He has developed my brand and speaking keynote presentation brilliantly. I now have a “product” and a clear point of differentiation that simply would not have been in place if it wasn’t for Dan. I would certainly recommend his services for anyone wanting to get clear about their message and then wanting to develop the delivery of that message.

“I was not certain that a busy profitable business such as Chromazone needed any business development work. However, Dan reviewed our current situation by talking to twenty of our customers. He has used the feedback to help me refocus on what we do well, through the eyes of our clients. This has been a great exercise that has given us an important insight into how we take the business forward. We have also used the findings to focus our new website copy and as a bonus Dan’s process has given us 15 new testimonials to evidence our success. An excellent result.”
Nigel Vickers, Managing Director, Chromazone Imaging

“Dan has brought a range of skills to my business and they have all positively impacted the way we present and deliver our services. His outlook and solutions are frequently a fine balance of creative flare and business practicality. He has allowed us to communicate often complex issues in a clear, concise manner that catches the attention of potential clients. If you want to get your business moving Dan will provide focus and drive and a determination to succeed.
Will Fatherley, Director at ORCA LGS Solutions Ltd

“While busy building my business I needed a presentation with punch that would make both me and my products stand out. From my brief Dan crafted both theme and content in such a way that I felt comfortable and confident. The audience reaction was fantastic; I would recommend Dan to anyone who needs to be memorable.”
Darren Bykerk, Owner – IG Media – Animation Studios

“Dan is personally engaging and approachable. His professional approach and evident experience instills trust and reassurance that his clients are in good hands. In just three meetings Dan has achieved miracles in changing the way I promote myself and my business. I look forward to working with Dan again in future and can highly recommend him”
Tamsin Harrison, Director/Landscape and Urban Designer at Heart Land Design Ltd

“Dan has been amazing, he has been such a positive attribute to my business. From the very first meeting Dan has been approachable and engaging, taken the time to learn what my business needed. I had expectations when i started working with Dan on what i hoped to achieve and Dan has certainly delivered, helping me to think outside the box from concept to delivery.  I have had plenty of homework but it that has so been worth the effort. I am now very clear and concise in the way i present my business and this has had an immediate successful response. Thank you Dan”
Gillian Rayne, Lifestyle Consultant

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Dan and found him to be a very perceptive, wise and clear communicator.  He is able to capture and express the essence of his subject beautifully and succinctly and has helped me immeasurably.  I would recommend him especially to those who need to translate concepts and industry terminology into plain, customer-friendly language. I look forward to working with him again.”
Joanne Dolezal, Lead Consultant, Dolezal Consulting

“I have a growing business in the competitive field of conveyancing. I needed someone to give me an objective review of my communication materials. Dan helped me enormously to edit the core material and craft the message I must convey. I am delighted with the final result because it absolutely nails the key issues of my target audience. I am now confident we will stand out from the crowd.”
Sonja McGregor, MD, Convey With Me

“There has been a notable increase in confidence and effectiveness in all individuals who took part in the presentation coaching. Your consultancy significantly helped us in a climate where there is a growing trend towards client audits.  Your rigorous examination of our business processes in the areas of HR, Office management, IT and Case handling procedures greatly increased their effectiveness.  You were totally committed to helping us succeed and as you know the presentation was successful.”
Susan Milburn, Marketing Partner, Greenwoods (London)

“I speak at a great number of events world-wide and the opportunity to with with Dan Bond are amongst the most professionally memorable of my career. He listens, he understands, he get the job done with a quiet confidence that inspires me every time. No detail is too small or problem to big, Dan gives 100% of his knowledge and wisdom to making jobs in his care his number one priority.  In over 400 major conferences in the past 10 years it would be no exaggeration to say that Dan Bond in the top 1% of event producers, i have ever met.”
Robin Sieger, Owner, Sieger International & Professional Speaker

“The feedback I am receiving on the Conference is unprecedented, our Chief Executive has gone as far as saying it is the best he has ever seen”
Tony Solomon, Communications Director, ZIFA

“Your direction of speakers and the event delivered a faultless show – which has enhanced my reputation.”
Roy Bradford, Director: Promotion, Sales Connection Limited.

“Thank you. Your contribution to our Sales Conference was absolutely outstanding.”
Andy James, Conference Manager: Digital Equipment.

“You were brilliant.  The feedback has been the best we’ve ever had, so it was all worthwhile.”
Jim Reeve, Marketing Director, ZIFA

“Congratulations! The video has received acclaim and we would like to order 500 copies.”
Angus Rankine, Marketing Director, Olympia & York Canary Wharf Ltd.