Watch out for worthless words

by Dan Bond on 18th February, 2013

Beware of filler words that presenters use without even knowing it.   These can at best dilute impact and at worst cause the listener to stop listening. One of the most common in the North East reflects the populations on-going hunt for a simile “it’s just like the same like as like a simile”.

There are presenters addicted to words such as ‘indeed’ ‘okay’ ‘so’ or ‘right’ which are inserted in every available space, but the presenter is often completely unaware they are  doing it.

One of the most commonly used by politicians, who should know better, is that old faithful  ‘you know’.  After a dozen of these in a two-minute Radio or TV interview I find myself wanting to, well …. you know .

Practice respecting full stops and commas.  Silent pauses can add power, silence shows strength and remember freedom of speech is a right but not a continuous obligation.

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