The Plague that is PowerPoint

by Dan Bond on 4th April, 2011

PowerPoint is referred to and regarded as ‘the presentation’ by the majority. This is probably because it is the tool that has been used to construct the content.  PowerPoint often causes the presenter to generate multiple lists / bullets which due to overload are often forgotten by the audience.

Because PowerPoint is used to construct presentations, it has for many become their cards on screen and those who used to be transfixed by their cards are now often transfixed by the bulleted lists on the screen and it becomes a reading competition in which the presenter comes last

To my mind every presentation should in some way persuade an audience to do something, otherwise it could have been just e mailed.

A key element of persuasion is ‘liking’ the person that is doing the persuading. This can only be done if the audience can connect with the presenter; they can’t do this very easily if the audience spends most of the time looking at a screen, often along with the presenter

Weapons grade professional persuaders in the public eye tend not to use PowerPoint.

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