Once more with enthusiasm

by Dan Bond on 13th February, 2013

Amongst all the presentation dos and don’ts there is one vital ingredient that can dramatically increase the effectiveness of any presentation. By effectiveness I mean the ability to influence an audience and cause them to take a particular course of action. This is a presentational element that should naturally bubble up from a belief in what is being presented to the audience. The fundamental belief that one particular course of action is the best course of action or a particular product is the best product should be the fire in the belly of every presenter. It is this fire that should generate the heat to drive the most powerful audience persuader….. enthusiasm.

I must however immediately qualify  this with the caveat that it should always be appropriate enthusiasm.  However, in almost every presentational situation the objective of the presenter is to persuade the audience to do something. Politicians are persuading audiences to vote for them, sales directors are persuading audiences to sell more, comedians are persuading audiences to laugh and so it goes on. If the presenter is not enthusiastic how can you possibly expect the audience to be persuaded to take the course of action proposed by the presenter.

So show your enthusiasm, after all how many times have you walked out of the presentation saying  “that presenter was just too enthusiastic for me”.

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