Dan Bond Presentation & Business Development Specialist

by Dan Bond on 20th March, 2011

Business presentation takes many different forms: telephone, text, email, documents and 1-to-1 or 1-to-1,000 face to face presentations.

If your presentation is exceptional your audience will believe that your business is exceptional.

So every business must seek to exploit every communication by being more focused and more impactful than the competition.

This is not easy, public and corporate carpet bombing of information has caused audience overload. Whether it is a website, brochure, presentation or networking pitch content needs to be precisely targeted and ruthlessly edited. Dan Bond has a blue chip track record in sharpening both the content and delivery of business propositions.

Dan is a Presentation & Business Development Specialist.  He provides concepts, tools and coaching that will add clarity and impact to the presentation of your business.

“The work you have done on the structure, focus and delivery of our Fund Manager pitch presentations has been a fantastic success. To have achieved the win rate we have in just 3 months is totally astonishing, and it could not have been done without you”
Hugh Ferrand, Institutional Client Director, Invesco Perpetual

“Working with you on the fundamental issues in our business helped us to clarify enormously the messages that we must convey.”
Tom Pallister, Director, Customer Service Division, Ford

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