Weapons Grade Presentation Content

Presentation Content 5Presentation content must be weapons grade if is to capture the interest and imagination of your audience.

I have a blue chip track record of creating engaging and memorable presentation content.  Work with me in the development of your presentation content to reduce stress and increase impact.  Exceptional presentation content will extend to engaging and targeted material for your brochure or website. See over 50 Testimonials that support Dan’s work

I frequently edit and re-draft existing material but I recommend the creation of new audience specific content.

The format of my presentation writing varies enormously against client need.  Whatever happens I help my clients reduce their reliance on PowerPoint and increase their personal impact. Weapons Grade presentation content will always be an essential ingredient in reducing  presentation nerves.

Your brochures, websites and prospecting presentations can be sharpened to deliver even better results. I offer a free outline review of your presentation materials will give you a clear idea of how you can more effectively exploit every presentation opportunity.

As defined in my approach to presentation coaching I will first establish a clear understanding of what the audience thinks, knows and feels about the subject that is going to be presented.

This will provide the information needed to create a clearly defined audience starting position.  Only once this has been established can a realistic audience destination be identified.

All my  presentation writing is built around the identification of message that quickly and succinctly captures the essence of your business, product or service. Which is a vital aspect of business development.

The message is then used to focus the content of presentation and ensure the audience have a clearly defined legacy.

Talk to me about helping you create strong memorable content call 07980 920 190

I am a published author with a book that went to two editions, I refused the request for a third.  Corporately I have written for a wide range of businesses and this included editing a Pan-European publication for Ford.

“Working with you on the fundamental issues in our business helped us to clarify enormously the messages that we must convey.”
Tom Pallister, Director, Customer Service Division, Ford

“I had my presentation in rough draft and called Dan in to give it the once over. He transformed the content by developing themes, focusing key concepts and building a solid structure.
He not only is an excellent editor he can create and adapt content that greatly enhances the end product.”
Paul Musgrave, Managing Director, Executive Care Group

“In a very limited timeframe, you made a hugely positive impact on the content of the speech and the way I delivered it. The integrity of my message was greatly enhanced by the way you focused and sharpened it to suit my audience.”
David Sedgwick, Managing Partner, Clarke Willmott

“Dan has coached me in the past and written for me very recently. His presentation coaching gave me powerful processes and a fantastic approach that together have significantly increased my impact and effectiveness. His eye for detail in his writing produces finely tuned material that absolutely hits the mark. He delivers a remarkable blend of creativity and professionalism.”
Manoj Gupta, Development Manager, Linedata