PowerPoint Prozac, Keynote Ketamine, Prezi Pain Relief

PowerPoint ProzacPowerPoint is referred to and regarded as ‘the presentation’ by the majority. This is probably because PowerPoint is the tool that has been used to construct the content.  PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi can not be a substute for good presentation content or good presentation delivery.

I believe that used sparingly PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi can be very useful, but what is on screen should not be the presentation, it should be added once the presentation has been created so your PowerPoint creates clarity not clutter.

Because PowerPoint Prozac is used to both comfort the presenter and construct presentations, it has for many become the presenters cards / notes frequently causing speaker to be transfixed by their own PowerPoint.  Remember, the most persuasive presentation component is not the screen it is the presenter.


Work with me to free yourself from slavishly using PowerPoint.  Little or no PowerPoint will mean you can speak anytime, anyplace, anywhere and when you do the audience will focus on you.  A key element of persuasion is ‘liking’ the person that is doing the persuading. This can only be done if the audience can connect with the presenter; they can’t do this very easily if the audience spends most of the time looking at a PowerPoint screen, often along with the presenter.

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“The course and the content was spot on, as it was not prescriptive to a single presentation formula; rather it focused on developing each person’s strengths, which I feel has allowed me to use the training in a practical sense.”
Nicolas Hamilton, Fund Manager, Invesco Perpetual

“The point of this letter is simple.  I would not be receiving such praise for my presentations if it was not for your superb coaching skills.  Very many thanks.”
David Doyle, Partner, Dickinson, Cruickshank & Co – Now Deemster (Isle of Man)

“….. professional, diligent and creative. I found their training methods to be invaluable. ”
Marc Citron, CEO, First Telecom

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