Presentation Nerves and Public Speaking Anxiety

Presentation nerves can be destructive when they get out of hand. But presenters should not seek to remove presentation nerves altogether.

A reasonable amount of presentation nerves keeps a presenter sharp and focused.  It is therefore control of nerves that is important and not the complete removal of public speaking anxiety.  If you are to present as part of your business development strategy by Speaking to Market your Business or Pitching for Business or Selling your Business dealing with presentation anxiety can be very important.


Work with me to stop presentation anxiety dictating what you can and can’t to.  Take control and do justice to your products and services by presenting  your business with confidence.  I use the approaches below in my presentation coaching.  However, I can provide a short course of sessions specifically to address public speaking nerves.

Ways of reducing presentation anxiety:

  • Ensure presentation content  works for you & the audience
  • Only give yourself positive affirmationsPresentation Nerves
  • Only try to control the controllable
  • Change your physical state to alter the mental state
  • Visualise  success
  • Use physical exercises to release tension
  • Use a positive and impactful opening spike
  • Create well-structured and appropriate content
  • Identify, ring fence and reposition your fears
  • Reduce destructive or disruptive PowerPoint
  • Rehearse using battle conditions practical practice.
  • Identify what you are going to do with structured mental rehearsal
  • Create clearly identified moments of control
  • Use engaging eye contact
  • Redirect fear into enthusiasm

If you would like to improve your presentation performance call me on 07980 920 190

“I found Dan to be an exceptional mentor. He gave me confidence, passion and made me feel at ease presenting to a large audience. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dan to anyone who undertakes presentations / holds any sort of formal communication. I will be using Dan’s work as a platform for any presentation that I undertake and always remember his principal lessons. He is a highly skilled communicator and a pleasure to work with. Dan is truly inspiring.”
Ian Holmes, Director, North Star Projects

“Many thanks for your input in turning a team of tongue tied introverts into confident and accomplished presenters. the members of our team who have been subjected to the Straight Talking treatment have improved in confidence to a level where it is difficult to keep them quite.”
Ian D. Taylor, Director, ABN Amro

“All of those who participated have told me how much they valued the time they severally spent with you developing their technique and content  I would like to endorse this.  It is nearly two years since you first began to assist us.  In that time we have taken material steps forward collectively in relation to our presentation skills and confidence.  All who have been through your hands (and I think it is now nearly all of us) have enjoyed and benefited from the experience.”
Andrew Corlett, Managing Partner, Cains (Isle of Man)

“Each of the participants are particularly appreciative of the skill with which you were able to help them identify issues, address individual needs and instil confidence.”
Bob Taylor, IFA Manager, CGNU