Dan’s Business Networking List

Business Networking Dan Bond 1If you are going to develop a working relationship with another networker they must feel  a connection with you as well as clearly understand what you have to offer.  Remember  people are drawn to individuals who are happy, positive and interested in others.  This translates into: smile, applaud the positives  and really listen to what people say.


You must be able to quickly and succinctly capture the essence of your product or service because fellow networkers must clearly understand who you are and what you can do for them or the people they know.

But all your networking will be for nothing unless you FOLLOW UP!  If there is business potential you must follow up; Phone, Email, Snail Mail or on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.  Where possible provide help in the form of  ideas and information or by forming introductions to contacts of yours who may be able to assist your new contact. However, becareful throwing introductions around willy nilly.  If you are giving someone an introduction to one of your contacts make sure you are certain that person and company can deliver or you will cheapen your own brand.  CLICK to see over 50 Testimonials that support my track record of success

But remember ….  If you want to be able to help others self-preservation is important!  So don’t walk away from negative people …………RUN

There are the networking focused businesses such as 4 Networking, Network B2B and BNI  that charge about £10 per event (four per month) plus a subscription of between £300 – £500 per annum.  These require significant ongoing commitment of time and money if they are to deliver benefit.

Alternatively there are networking events that you can potentially dip in and out of.  These usually  just charge at cost or no cost because they are sponsored:

http://www.themusselclub.com/ Monthly Newcastle and Sunderland
http://www.tynesideconnect.co.uk/ Monthly Silver Link, Wallsend, South Cramlington
http://weeklybusiness-northumberland.co.uk/  Weekly all around Northumberland
http://www.8businessnetworking.co.uk/ Monthly Newcastle and around the North East

https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/fsb-networking-breakfast-tickets-28654326863?aff=erelexpmlt  Monthly Gosfort
http://choicenetworking.co.uk Multiple Venues across the North East
https://www.eventbrite.com/e/free-professional-breakfast-networking-event-tickets-32349764015 RBS Monthy event in the middle of Newcastle

You can also try organisations that have annual membership fees but provided much more than just networking or training events.  Many of these organisations have events that non-members can attend or you could be asked by a member so be bold and investigate:


Places to find networking events:

http://freshstartevents.uk/   (North East Expo plus a number of other events)

CLICK to see over 50 Testimonials that support my track record of success