Presentation Content & Materials must be Cascade Ready

Presentation Content (2)Cascade ready presentation content and materials means that when a prospect reads, sees or hears your business proposition they can easily understand and remember it so they can tell others.  On most occasions the recipient of your presentation content or materials will have to re-present your proposal to others (cascade it), either to seek their opinion or agreement. So you must have cascade ready presentation content in brochures, emails and presentations as well as your website.

When networking people talk to potential referrals and endeavour to transfer their understanding of what you do.  So what you gave them in the first place must be Weapons Grade Cascade Ready Presentation Content that is memorable.


Work with me to ensure your business has a super clear, persuasive and actionable proposition that will allow clients and prospects to sell you, even when you are not there. My customer and market research, objectivity and experience has helped many Blue Chip companies and SMEs generate Weapons Grade content that can be clearly communicated to and through client or prospect companies.


Cascade Ready Presentation Content should incorporate a relevant and engaging proposal that is built around a Micro-Message.  Your Micro-Message must clearly and succinctly capture the essence of your product or service, for that particular audience at that particular time.

Wherever possible give the audience a new way of looking at things. So try and make the new familiar and the familiar new.

Avoid truism and cliché at all costs; “We are a unique service lead solution provider that offers our clients a significant opportunity to add value to their business because we are proactive and we listen.” This is just noise.  What stands out? Nothing!  You have heard it all before and it is in effect meaningless. Presentation content matters.

Technical complexity can be addictive to a technical company but more often than not the decision maker is not technical.  Such as; an investment specialist making a presentation to a pension panel, a computer systems specialist selling to a Financial Director or an SEO specialist talking to a Marketing Director.

Create Cascade Ready Presentation Content

● Take time to understand what is important to your audience and reflect that in your presentation.

● Write down a clear micro message, if they only remember one thing what would it be.

● Use well crafted examples to illustrate your micro message.

● Avoid or clearly explain acronyms you really must use

● Don’t be condescending or sate the blindingly obvious.

● Edit for Impact down to just what the audience must know.

● Short and punchy sentences that deliver clarity.

● Focus on what the customer thinks, knows and feels about what you are offering.


The Presentation Coach by Graham Davies
Graham and I created Straight Talking International and this book contains the methodologies we developed.

The Economist Style Guide by The Economist
Fantastic reference book with great examples.