Business Development

Business Development Dan BondBusiness Development must be addressed every day and the process must reflect the micro movements in your market alongside shifts in customer or client expectation or need.

Your company can start to refresh your Business Development processes with an objective review of the way your business presents its products or services to both existing and prospective customers.  This will generate a focus on what really matters.

Business Development is the process of strengthening ties with existing clients as well as cultivating customers in other sectors of the market. In order to promote this expansion business development normally crosses the traditional barriers between sales, marketing, customer care, operations and management.

At the core of any Business Development process is communications.  Continuity of both concept and content externally through: brochures, websites and face-to-face presentations and internally through: inductions, intranets, training and meetings.

Business Development should influence the best use of company resources while also refining the process and function of management. These factors may not directly affect the attraction and retention customers but they will be significant in generating a sustainable improvement.

Business Development is at the heart of a healthy business

I provide concepts, tools and coaching that will add continuity, clarity and impact to the presentation of your business both internally and externally.

”Never before have we been able to make such an impact on our audience. You fundamentally transformed what we said and the way that we said it. We look forward to continuing to work with you.”
Paul Willis, Director, Volkswagen Cars UK.

“Your consultancy significantly helped us in a climate where there is a growing trend towards client audits. Your rigorous examination of our business processes in the areas of HR, Office management, IT and Case handling procedures greatly increased their effectiveness. You were totally committed to helping us succeed and as you know the presentation was successful.”
Susan Milburn, Marketing Partner, Greenwoods.

“You gave us considerable assistance on both the content and the presentation style, for which I am most grateful. I consider that your input was invaluable.”
Michael D Figueired, Client Services Director, Abacus.

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