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Business Clichés

by Dan Bond on 16th June, 2011

It’s about managing change in an uncertain world, where there are no certainties, except that one.

Let’s face it the dividing line between success and failure is always on the margin.

So you’ve got to hit the ground running with a competitive edge or else you are dead in the water.

Clichés are tempting but presenters must not give way to the easy to use cuddliness of the cliché.

The old ones are the most recognisable:

This is a great opportunity
Let’s think outside the box
What we need is a level playing field
I don’t want to tell my grandmother to suck eggs  …. but
Our people are our greatest asset
We are customer-led
We are in the people business
Change is certain ……. ( except from a vending machine )
It’s about making relationships
We are a team.
We must add value
We are all individuals …… ( repeat after me….We are all.. )
My door is always open

And there are so many more.

So, try your best not to use words or phrases that your audience knows so well they switch off.  Look for new ways to present the key concepts in your business and in doing so make you’re business more memorable.