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The presenter must be seen

by Dan Bond on 8th April, 2013

What is going on! I keep going to events where the screen is the focus and the presenter is standing in half-darkness at the side of the presentation area. Because we can’t see the presenter properly we can’t read facial expressions which are especially important if you are having difficulty hearing, because the presenter is talking […]


Edit for presentation impact

by Dan Bond on 25th March, 2013

Too often presenters feel that the opportunity to speak is an chance to tell everybody everything. Almost as if they are lying on the analysts couch they  unpack the whole story just to be on the safe side. Board room Directors who must frequently listen to presentations by managers complain of presentations full of unnecessary […]


Battle Conditions Presentation Practice

March 11, 2013

Practice, rehearsal call it what you may you have got to try out what you are going to do before you present.  We have all met the people who say “I am much better off-the-cuff” to those I say, bullshit. Content needs to be researched and written in peace a quiet and not made up […]

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Keep the focus on the presenter using logos and darkness

February 28, 2013

The dawn chorus of the conference and event industry was visually supported by 35mm slides.  Product photography was expensive but so were even simple text slides, and charts were even more.  If you wanted something a little more interesting, 3-D may be, it was more again and it all took time. There were upsides to all […]

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All year round Presentation Panto

February 25, 2013

In my years in the theatre there always came a time in the three shows a day pantomime season when you just thought it would never end, even in January when the worst was well ‘Behind you’. At the start of this year I was reminded of these unhappy moments while watching presenters use the […]

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Obsession with the length and thickness

February 22, 2013

I first noticed this obsession many years ago when I was working as a presentation consultant for the fleet arm of a well known Swedish car company.  At the time there were a great many advantages, as there still are, to buying their cars for a business fleet; very competitive whole life costs, keeping your […]

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